Something For Me: Tackling the 'She Boudoir' (My Closet DIY series)

Ok. I have a few ideas of how I would like my closet/beauty room to be & since we aren't moving anymore, I feel like I have one chance to get this right.

Here are some images of rooms that inspired me for a year while my home was being built.

My closet is not that big measuring at a whopping 5 ft by 9 ft but it's bigger than David's. lol 🙊

He decided that giving me the larger closet and not having to see it sprawled out in the bathroom(because my beauty products take over) was a better option.

Happily I obliged. 😜

 I need something that will not only provide adequate storage for my beauty products but will neatly organize all of my clothing and shoes also. I needed somewhere I didn't mind being for a while since I am indecisive when picking out clothing and fairly New at Beauty blogging. If you aren't comfortable....who the hell cares right?

Believe me....this was the hardest
 task so far! 
So ....lets begin.... First, I started by removing the wire shelving installed by our builder. I was a little apprehensive around the 5th nail because it left HUGE holes in the Sheetrock. So, I stopped and did some center breathing and proceeded to rip it all out.

Now, I measured this closet umpteen times trying to find a half a inch here and there. I felt so defeated looking for furniture day after day that would fit the configurations I wanted but by finishing this part ....I was determined now. The holes in the walls were talking to me every time I turned the light on. To re motivate myself not to quit(I thought many a time to just hang those wire shelves back up), I took the door off the hinges too so I was forced to look at the inside everyday.

Tonight, I am putting together the desk that will soon
 have a DIY vanity mirror over it. Amya will be my little helper.

Piece by piece this room will come together. I'm just so happy that I can finally go for my dream She Boudoir/ Closet!  Wish me luck!!! and see you next time! 👍

So, alot has happened...... (2017)

I think the last time I wrote was January 30th 2017. Oh my goodness I have to get y'all caught up.

So, We aren't living in Georgia anymore(YAY!). We packed up in April of 2017, visited Orlando in May for a luncheon to announce selected applicants for Veteran Homes, Moved to Texas to live with my Mom a few days later, 3 weeks later we couldn't stand living with mom so we moved in with an old Army Buddy and his family and then we moved to Orlando in August and lived in an apartment until October 13th. Drumroll.......

WE Got the house!!! :-)

Honestly, we did not think we would be selected. We feel like we are in a dream everyday that we wake up. Its a diffrent feling when you hang a picture or put a nail in the wall when its yours lol. ((note* I say that in a literal sense and not to be bragging.)) Since moving in I find myself sitting for hours pondering color choices or anything that has to be hung due to its permeance.

The 2 youngest love their school. It's the brand New A.C.E. school in Downtown Orlando. The older 2 girls are being homeschooled. They tried Jones High School ....and  I'll just leave it at that (lol). 

Bradley Jr. left for the Navy on December 5th, 2017 and should be graduating in January. Can you believe I have a child in the Navy! ....and 20 years old? OMGeeeeeee!

We have a family page now on

(FYI::GraySon is no longer with us. I had contacted the organization I got him from to see if they could have kept him while we were 'homeless' but I got no answer. Situation was out of my control and Grayson nipped at a little kid so I had to make a tough decision.)

We still have Meiko. :-) ...and for Christmas we added another Morkie but this time it was a boy named Loki. 

Let me tell you....he is bad as hell. BAD.AS.HELL. lol

Me & My Mother have not spoken on the phone since August 2016. I text her every now and again to say hello but get no answer. It is what it is. Thus this is life.....

My Biological father Tony is in my life now. He comes to visit a few times out of the year & introduced me last year to my aunt Nacia. It is so weird and totally expected at the same time that I am just like her. I think I favor her in looks more than my Dad. I have never been able to 'see' looking like my dad but she makes it easier. I look at dad, then her, then back to him and then put our images all together in my head and then see the connect.....if that makes sense.

I traded in the Murano for a Dodge Durango. I like it. I don't love it but I like it. Dave loves it. Meh.....

So anyway, I am back and going to have a go at getting this blog thing back going. Currently, I have 2 DIY projects: 2 Concrete paver planters & My She Boudoir. I'll keep you posted as I go along.

Happy New Year & 2018.....lets get this party started!

The VetChic1 SetUp - PS4/FFXIV (Part 1)

I haven't talked about gaming or played a decent MMO since last year 2015. I was a die hard World of Warcraft fan until the release of  Warlords of Draenor expansion. I played until about February or March of last year and then I quit. There are a number of reasons I quit....but the main one being because the WOW powers-that-be "dumbed down" the game waaaaaaaay too much. I started playing in 2008 right before Wrath of the Lich King expansion dropped. So.... you can say I've been through Wows most trying times of  changes.

Anyway, I am a gamer. Since moving into the Atlanta area I have been missing that element in my life. Gaming is so much fun! and it helps to fill in the gaps when I am dealing with PTSD/ & Anxiety, Depression. I have played Ultima Online, Rift and Wow being the latest. I've always played MMOs or massively multiplayer online game (MMOG or MMO) on the computer. I never thought twice about any of the gaming system platforms such as Xbox or Playstation.


..... I ran across a video the other day when I googled "MMO's like WOW". Final Fantasy 14 showed in the results, I watched the first video ......and Lets just say that it started a problem up in here. :)

So.....I've decided since it's my birthday Month (February) I will be setting up my gaming area and I should be up and running by the 16th of this month. I have decided to delve into broadcasting via My name there is VetChic1. I'm not so much interested in people watching me....I'm more so interested in the social aspect and tracking my play progression.

My list of items for launch are as follows:

  • Controller and Console Skins {$64.16}
  • PS4 500G Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Bundle {$349}
  • Nyko Intercooler for PlayStation 4
  • 3M™ MA140MB Dual-Swivel Monitor Arm, Desk Mount, Black  {$105.99}
  • A Comfortable recliner w/lower lumbar support {$1498 - VA purchased}
  • 32 inch LG Flatscreen {$319}
  • Keyboard or typepad controller attachment
  • Stealth 500P Turtle Beach Surround Sound Headphones {$89.00}
  • Excelvan 3.5mm Condenser Recording Microphone for Broadcasting
  • Neewer Studio Microphone Mic Wind Screen Pop Filter Mask Shield {$6.50}
  • Suspension Boom Scissor Arm (Black)
  • WebCam for broadcast
  • Custom Packaged Twitch Stream overlay and customizations
  • Custom Logo or presence image for Channel
  • Controller Charger
  • FINAL FANTASY® XIV: Heavensward™ Collector's Edition  {$39.95}
  • FINAL FANTASY® XIV: A Realm Reborn™  {$19.99}
  • Etekcity 4K x 2K 4 Port High-Speed HDMI Switch w/wireless remote {$33.99}
  • Hauppauge - High Definition Game Capture Device w/ Digital Audio  {$179.99}
  • 1, 2, 3 HDMI Cables
  • Ambient lighting/ Back lights (green)
  • Under Desk Headphone holder/arm
  • NOTTI smart mood light   {$29.99}

 As I go along I will be checking things off the list. Laterz! 
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