The VetChic1 SetUp - PS4/FFXIV (Part 1)

I haven't talked about gaming or played a decent MMO since last year 2015. I was a die hard World of Warcraft fan until the release of  Warlords of Draenor expansion. I played until about February or March of last year and then I quit. There are a number of reasons I quit....but the main one being because the WOW powers-that-be "dumbed down" the game waaaaaaaay too much. I started playing in 2008 right before Wrath of the Lich King expansion dropped. So.... you can say I've been through Wows most trying times of  changes.

Anyway, I am a gamer. Since moving into the Atlanta area I have been missing that element in my life. Gaming is so much fun! and it helps to fill in the gaps when I am dealing with PTSD/ & Anxiety, Depression. I have played Ultima Online, Rift and Wow being the latest. I've always played MMOs or massively multiplayer online game (MMOG or MMO) on the computer. I never thought twice about any of the gaming system platforms such as Xbox or Playstation.


..... I ran across a video the other day when I googled "MMO's like WOW". Final Fantasy 14 showed in the results, I watched the first video ......and Lets just say that it started a problem up in here. :)

So.....I've decided since it's my birthday Month (February) I will be setting up my gaming area and I should be up and running by the 16th of this month. I have decided to delve into broadcasting via My name there is VetChic1. I'm not so much interested in people watching me....I'm more so interested in the social aspect and tracking my play progression.

My list of items for launch are as follows:

  • Controller and Console Skins {$64.16}
  • PS4 500G Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Bundle {$349}
  • Nyko Intercooler for PlayStation 4
  • 3M™ MA140MB Dual-Swivel Monitor Arm, Desk Mount, Black  {$105.99}
  • A Comfortable recliner w/lower lumbar support {$1498 - VA purchased}
  • 32 inch LG Flatscreen {$319}
  • Keyboard or typepad controller attachment
  • Stealth 500P Turtle Beach Surround Sound Headphones {$89.00}
  • Excelvan 3.5mm Condenser Recording Microphone for Broadcasting
  • Neewer Studio Microphone Mic Wind Screen Pop Filter Mask Shield {$6.50}
  • Suspension Boom Scissor Arm (Black)
  • WebCam for broadcast
  • Custom Packaged Twitch Stream overlay and customizations
  • Custom Logo or presence image for Channel
  • Controller Charger
  • FINAL FANTASY® XIV: Heavensward™ Collector's Edition  {$39.95}
  • FINAL FANTASY® XIV: A Realm Reborn™  {$19.99}
  • Etekcity 4K x 2K 4 Port High-Speed HDMI Switch w/wireless remote {$33.99}
  • Hauppauge - High Definition Game Capture Device w/ Digital Audio  {$179.99}
  • 1, 2, 3 HDMI Cables
  • Ambient lighting/ Back lights (green)
  • Under Desk Headphone holder/arm
  • NOTTI smart mood light   {$29.99}

 As I go along I will be checking things off the list. I will do a part 2 follow up to this post showing my progress as things come in. Laterz! 

PTSD 101 - (session 4 appt)

I had an appointment today to inform me of the different  PTSD treatments Veteran Affairs offers. While I was thankful for the class, I came home and I am now very drained. Right after this post I am going to go and lay down for a while. My head is pounding really bad.

The subjects today were :

  • to understand the treatment approaches for PTSD and prepare for treatment
  • implement behavior changes to improve symptoms
We also discussed that everyday I should set or make a plan to do 3 things that are enjoyable or fulfilling for me.

This pissed me off. 

My husband gets that I need breaks. He's a combat Veteran himself so we understand one another in terms of boundaries. He knows every button and that he should never press any. PERIOD.

My family on the other hand do not. ....and I'm not talking about my kids. My kids have the ok to piss me off. I would rather them not but I know that is not feasible. They are my babies so I expect it. 

I'm talking about my maternal Grandmother. I love her to death but .... ok. My Grandmothers brother died last week. The funeral is Saturday. 

Here's the thing...... I AIN'T GOING.

Not because I don't care for my Grandmother and her pain & Not because I'm selfish.....but its because I got a ton of shit on my plate and can not go. I got septic tank people in my backyard right now digging up the old septic system. My family also may have to go into the motel this weekend because the job may not get done today. The city inspector only comes to inspect new install sites on Tuesday and Thursday. If they don't get it done we will be in the motel until Tuesday. I can not run off to Florida and leave my family in a strange motel with no vehicle. (We are down to 1 until we move) Also, I have no funds until Friday. I got bills to pay and I'm on a tight budget. I can not afford to go to Florida and not have anywhere to stay because my other family members coming out of town to the funeral may stay in my Grandmothers where does that leave me? A Motel

I am sorry for the family's loss that Uncle Sandy died. However, he is in a better place and no longer has to worry or hurt(if he was). Funerals and death are never planned but YOU CAN'T GET BLOOD FROM A TURNIP. 

I had all of this on my mind going into class today. When asked how my weekend was and what things have I done for myself this last week.....I just friggin' lost it and started crying.

But the instructor/Psychologist/Therapist told me that it is ok to say NO and to create healthy barriers. I just have to learn that creating healthy barriers and saying NO is a big difference from Avoidance behaviors. I learned a lot today and I am so thankful. I'm looking forward to my treatment plan.


February is Here! Turn up for my Birthday! *Updates*

Yes I know its been a while since I have posted. A lot has happened since we moved to Conyers, GA and honestly ....if I could have avoided this place all together I'd be much happier. Coming to the Atlanta/Atlanta metro area was the worst decision me and Andre have made in a long time. But ....everything happens for a reason. I strongly believe that.

Currently, we are waiting to hear if we will be receiving a home. We have been going through many a problem since getting into this home. The septic tank is being replaced tomorrow(they said). We've been having problems with it since October of last year. The dishwasher also is out and isn't going to be replaced. Considering we were doing a lease purchase contract and also working with NACA.....we have decided that too much is going on with this home. So as soon as we have a chance....we are moving. We are just waiting to hear from the organization first on the home.

Meiko and Grayson are fine. I also have 3 fat little Holland Lop bunnies now. I call their room The Cottontail Lounge. They have a Facebook page and quite a few fans. Grayson and I still have our Paws On Duty page but we don't go out together much nowadays. I now use a cane on good days and a walker most of the time.

Andre is now a full time stay at home disabled daddy Veteran. We've been getting on each others nerves but also feel its a blessing. It's taken me quite a long time to accept not being able to work. I still have days where it is difficult but for the most part, Veteran Affairs keeps me active with appointments and classes for treatment. I also have physical as well and occupational therapy on the regular. Its a full time job really.

I traded in the Nissan Pathfinder for a Nissan Murano. Its black and I love it.

I crochet now also and that helps with my anxiety to break up the empty space of time I have most days. When I knit I find  I pop fewer pills. Doesn't mean I don't pop them though! I am working to come off them completely with other means of coping.

My Mother and I are speaking again which is nice. She just left in December and is supposed to be back this month for my birthday depending on what we hear in reference to the house.

Other than that....right now I am preparing for my Birthday MONTH. David usually has a lot planned to surprise me so I am really excited for 29 days of being spoiled. I'll try to keep at this blog thing. Considering I have a lot to gripe about.

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